2022 Heat Forum

February 22nd, 2022
8:30am - 4:00pm
Marshall Auditorium, Fort Benning, GA & Virtual

The morning session will feature talks on heat illness prevention, field care, transportation, and return-to-duty considerations. The afternoon session will include presentations from clinicians and researchers.

CHAMP Presenters: Various speakers & presenters across the DoD

Event Hosted By: Fort Benning Heat Center

Location: Marshall Auditorium, McGinnis-Wickam Hall (Bldg 4, Fort Benning Main Post), 1 Karker Street, Fort Benning, GA 31905 & Virtual

Questions? Contact danielle.urey.ctr@usuhs.edu.

Save the date! The Fort Benning Heat Center will host the 2022 Heat Forum on 22 February from 0830–1600 in person at Fort Benning and virtually. Topics covered in the morning session include heat illness prevention, field care, transport, and return-to-duty considerations. The afternoon session will consist of presentations from clinicians and researchers. The meeting link will be posted on hprc-online.org. For more information, contact LTC David DeGroot at david.w.degroot.mil@mail.mil.AM SESSION

Opening Remarks

  • MG Patrick Donahoe, MCoE Commanding General


  • Ms. Jill Carlson, Director, MCoE Safety
  • COL Ethan Miles, MCoE Surgeon

Prevention & Best Practices

  • LTC David DeGroot, Director, Fort Benning Heat Center

Lessons Learned, Risk Mitigation

  • MAJ Rogelio Martinez/MAJ Tyson Kovach, Division Surgeon Office, Ft. Campbell

Exertional Hyponatremia Nutrition: Hydration/ORS

  • LTC Brenda Bustillos, Command Dietitian, TRADOC

Point of Injury Protocol Review

  • MAJ Adam Schneider, Emergency Dept. BMACH

Profiles and RTD

  • Dr. (COL, Retired) Francis O’Connor, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS)


Return to Duty after COVID-19 Infection: Clinical Considerations

  • Dr. (Capt, Retired) Alaric Franzos, USUHS, Bethesda, MD

Real-time Prevention & Monitoring

  • Mark Buller, PhD USARIEM, Natick, MA

Women and Heat Acclimatization

  • Gabrielle Giersch, PhD, USARIEM, Natick, MA

Cardiac Dysfunction in EHS

  • Orlando Laitano, PhD, Florida State University

Heat Tolerance Testing for Return to Duty: Predictive Validity

  • Rachel Kester, USUHS, Bethesda, MD

Surgical Masks and Heat Strain During Exercise

  • CPT Micah Watson, DO, BMACH

Loperamide-Associated Exertional Heat Stroke

  • CPT Preston Dehan, DO, BMACH

Efficacy of Ice Sheet Cooling

  • Aaron Caldwell, PhD, USARIEM, Natick, MA

Pre-Hospital Cooling of Hospital Casualties

  • Kaemmer Henderson, MS, Army Heat Center