Set your “sight” on eating right

Foods left out are eaten twice as fast. Two boxes are stored on a shelf. They observe an opened cookie box on a table. The cookie box looks scared. One box is worried and says, “Oh no! They left Larry behind! We have to go back after him!” The other box quietly responds, “Think about it! Larry’s done for! By the time we got back out there, he’ll be long gone!”

You probably know that what you eat has an effect on your performance, readiness, and health. But did you know what you see influences your food choices as well? Researchers found people eat twice as much food when it’s easy to get to (convenient) and easy to see (visible).

Consider where you stash food in your kitchen or office desk—and what’s within reach. Do those foods fuel your mental and physical performance during the day? Or are you left feeling drained instead?

Aim to place nutrient-rich foods “front and center,” including the top shelf in your fridge, your kitchen counter, and your office desk. A well-placed water bottle also can be an excellent reminder to hydrate and avoid sugary drinks. These strategies keep performance-boosting choices in your sight and in your mind!

For high-performance fuel choices, read Go for Green®’s “The G4G Guide: Foods and Beverages.”

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