I’ve lost a lot of weight but now I’ve hit a plateau. How can I get to my goal weight?

For some reason, those final pounds are often the hardest ones to shake! With continued effort and persistence, you’re more likely to achieve your goal. Here are a few things that might help you across the plateau.

Go back to square one. It’s easy to lapse into old habits over time, letting unhealthy choices creep back into your diet patterns. Stick to your original plan by eating a balanced diet of nutrient-dense whole foods, keeping a food diary, watching portion sizes, and planning ahead. Read HPRC’s “Overcome your weight-loss plateau” to help you stay on track to achieve your goal.

Shake things up. Varying the type, duration, intensity, and frequency of your exercise is a great way to challenge yourself and prevent boredom—and can make a big difference toward achieving your goals.

Find additional weight-loss tips and resources in HPRC’s Fighting Weight Strategies section.

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