I’m deploying soon and I’m concerned about how time away from my partner is going to impact our sex life. What can I do?

Deployments can build or break sexual intimacy depending on many factors. The length of time apart and type of deployment mission can play roles. The status of your relationship before deployment and your individual personalities also can affect how your sex life will be impacted. Finally, experiences during deployment can influence sex and intimacy upon your return.

The vast majority of deployed service members are separated from their partners for months or years at a time without intimacy and sexual activity. Being separated means that couples have limited access to sex, touch, and physical intimacy. With technology such as videoconferencing, partners can more easily stay connected. Some choose to use technology to find ways to build intimacy and be sexual, but privacy can be a concern.

Talk with your partner before you leave about how you will both handle your sexual desires while apart. Maintaining open communication about this topic can help you feel connected. Discuss how you will keep in communication as a way to build and maintain intimacy while deployed. Also explore the resources available from HPRC and Military OneSource to help ensure you maintain a strong relationship through deployments.