A Guided Meditation

A Guided Meditation

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Find your way into a comfortable, seated position. Knees bent, feet on the floor. Sit straight up. You might place a pillow behind your back to keep your spine lengthened. As you settle into your seat, remember that your intention is to practice quieting the mind, and letting go of all those things that draw you out of this present moment.

So with that understanding, gently set aside your to-do list and all your cares, putting them out of your mind altogether. They will be waiting for you at the end of this session...

Close your eyes. Shift your attention away from the noises and sounds going on all around you.

Press your tailbone into your seat. Lengthen the spine. Roll your shoulders forward, up to your ears, back, and down, holding them slightly back and slightly down.

Lengthen your neck. Lift your ears away from your shoulders.

Take some deep breaths into this opened space in your lungs, exhaling fully after each breath drawn in…

As you settle in, shift your attention inward, and notice areas in the body that may feel tense or tight, or perhaps areas that feel really good. Simply notice them, relaxing muscles as much as possible, making yourself as comfortable as you can, while still keeping your spine lengthened.

Notice if your mind is drawn out of this moment. That is natural. So when it does, gently, but firmly, bring it back to this moment, without judging yourself. You might have to do this several times. That’s okay.

You can also bring your awareness to the sensation of the breath coming into and out of the body. Feel the lungs filling up with air, and see if you can notice all the muscles used to draw that breath in. Not making too much effort here, just noticing. There is nowhere else to be right now, nothing else to do, just breathing, just feeling.

As thoughts come, let them come. No need to resist them. Rather simply acknowledge them, and return your attention back to this moment, breathing in, feeling the breath, breathing out, letting go of the breath...

At times, even with the best of intentions, you may notice that your attention has drifted, vanished. You may even fall asleep. No worries, your mind wandering is natural! Perhaps you’re criticizing yourself, or wanting to be somewhere else. No matter how appealing it may be to stop, or aggravating to sit here, simply notice, without judgment...

So now, bring your attention back into this place, this breath, this moment, without judging or criticizing. Imagine feeling at ease, and letting yourself just be...

As you transition to the rest of your day, take a moment to notice how you feel after this experience. Set an intention for the rest of your day...to remain as you are now. Know that you can return here anytime you like.

Please note: Mindfulness meditation is not a replacement for medical treatment or advice.

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