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Physical Fitness

Pull-up: Train above the bar

Since pull-ups are tough and require a lot of strength, HPRC just created a training program to help you meet the challenge.

PFT/PRT training series—Part 3: Flexibility and mobility

Flexibility and mobility are important because they affect your joints and the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments—and the way you move.

Total Force Fitness

Social support: Your total-fitness strategy

The company you keep and the support you receive influences your health and performance. Social support comes in many forms.

Can a sympathetic nerve block relieve pain?

A sympathetic nerve block is a medical therapy, where an anesthetic solution (and sometimes a steroid) is injected into nerve bundles to help relieve your chronic pain.


Fuel “right” before your next race

Race season is here, and fueling with the “right” foods at the “right” time can make a difference during training and your event.

Family & Relationships

Feeling Words for Kids [PDF]

Helping kids learn to identify their feelings is an important first step in managing emotions well. Build your child’s “feelings vocabulary” with this list.

Coping Skills for Kids [PDF]

Kids need help learning how to manage their emotions. Encourage your kids to calm down or let out extra energy by suggesting they try these “skills.”


Lavender and stress reduction

Your sense of smell is a powerful tool when it comes to how you interact with your environment.

TB 505: Altitude Acclimatization and Illness Management

This U.S. Army Technical Bulletin (TB 505) is related to hypobaric hypoxia, an environmental stress resulting from ascent to progressively higher terrestrial elevation or altitude.

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