Fighter pilots in WWII called out positions of enemy airplanes by referring to their bearings along the face of a clock. The 6 o’clock position meant the enemy was directly behind, leaving the area where the pilot couldn’t see most vulnerable to enemy attack. “Got Your Six” refers to how pilots in WWII would look out for each other’s safety.CHAMP’s ongoing #GotMySix campaign shines a spotlight on how social support from friends, loved ones, and coworkers can help you maintain total fitness. Many times, it’s not just one person who watches out for you. It might be neighbors, teachers, battle buddies, members of your religious community, or even your pet(s). Feeling supported can help you get through tough times and improve your connections with others. Whoever your social supports are, recognize them for helping you to perform at your best.

bulletin board with pinned posts from GotMySix A #GotMySix board is a great way to give a shout-out to anyone who has your back in big or small ways. Find a communal space in your office, hallway, gym, etc., and encourage your colleagues and teammates to fill out cards and post them to a wall or board.

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