The Warrior Heat- and Exertion-Related Events Collaborative (WHEC) is a multidisciplinary advisory group focused on developing and implementing procedures to help providers, Service Members, and civilians prevent and treat heat-related illnesses and injuries. WHEC works in collaboration with the Army Heat Center at Fort Moore, GA, and USU's Multidisciplinary Case Review Committee (MDCRC).

Since its inception in 2020, WHEC has been dedicated to advancing the science and the Defense Health Agency’s Clinical Practice Guidelines for preventing, reducing, risk-stratifying, and managing exertional injuries and heat illness. WHEC also provides information about the surveillance, research, and education on heat-related injuries.

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Need a clinical consultation? Contact WHEC using HPRC’s Ask the Expert portal. To make sure you reach the right experts, please include “WHEC” in the subject line of your email.