SMART Goals planner

SMART goals help you to apply the following goal-setting strategies to help increase your chances of success.

  • Making your goals “Specific” helps you to know exactly what you want to accomplish compared to “do your best” goals. 
  • Making your goals “Measurable” lets you to track your progress along the way.
  • Making your goals “ Achievable” helps you set goals that are challenging but possible.
  • Making your goals “Action-oriented” helps you to determine what it is you’ll actually do.
  • Making your goals “Relevant” helps you focus on how this goal applies to your personal and professional life.
  • Making your goals “Time sensitive” helps you make a deadline for your goals. (Otherwise, you can set a great goal that you keep waiting to start “tomorrow”—but tomorrow never comes.

Use this worksheet to help make your goals SMART so that you will set them—and achieve them.

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