G4G Color Table

Go for Green® uses a stoplight system to label foods and beverages as Green, Yellow, or Red. G4G dining facilities display Food Cards that identify the nutrition quality (Green, Yellow, or Red) and sodium content (Low, Moderate, or High) of foods and drinks.

Green, Yellow, and Red Food Codes. See caption for text.

Published on: April 10, 2019

Green, Yellow, and Red Food Codes.

Column headers: Go for Green logo (Plate with knife and fork. Eat well; perform well.). Green checkmark symbol. Yellow “caution” triangle symbol. Red “stop” octagon symbol.

Row 1 – Processing. Green – least-processed; Yellow – some processing; Red – most-processed foods.

Row 2 – Nutrients. Green – whole foods, nutrient packed; Yellow – some healthful nutrients; Red – lowest-quality ingredients.

Row 3 – Fiber. Green – high in fiber; Yellow – lower in fiber; Red – minimal fiber.

Row 4 – Sugar. Green – low in added sugar; Yellow – added sugar or artificial sweeteners; Red – added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Row 5 – Fat. Green – healthy fats; Yellow – poor-quality fats; Red – excess fats and/or trans fat fried foods.

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