Recipe numbering

Did you know that Armed Forces Recipe Service (AFRS) recipes are numbered according to recipe type and (in some cases) by cooking method? Learn more about AFRS recipe numbers to help determine which type of recipe you’re using.

AFRS “Legacy” Recipes

  • Recipes from the 1999 and 2003 publications that aren’t yet updated
  • Recipe numbers remain consistent with the 1999 and 2003 Indexes since they were most consistent across the Services at that time
  • New variations of legacy recipes are numbered starting at -50
  • Local recipe variations developed over the last couple of decades typically follow in order from the base recipe (-00) then numbered at -01, -02, etc.
    • Local recipes can continue to use variation numbers starting with the first available (-01, etc.) and ending at -49.
    • Submit local recipes to your Service’s headquarters for consideration for the official AFRS catalog of recipes.

AFRS “Updated” Recipes

  • Newly developed and tested recipes since 2012
  • Recipes are numbered starting at 300 (for example, L-300-00)
  • Variations of new recipes are numbered in order, starting at -01 (for example, L-300-01)
  • Variations can represent:
    • Alternative grains (white or brown rice)
    • Protein options (ground beef or ground turkey)
    • Different levels of preparation (scratch, speed-scratch, or ready-to-use)
    • Different prep methods based on equipment
  • Numbering typically starts with the healthier options (least processed, leanest protein, whole grain, or healthier cooking method)
  • Vegetable (Q section) variations are numbered based on available cooking methods for each vegetable:
    • Simmered (formerly boiled): -00, for example: Green Beans (Simmered)
    • Roasted: -50, for example: Roasted Green Beans
    • Steamed: -51, for example: Green Beans (Steamed)
    • Sautéed: -52, for example: Sautéed Green Beans

Visit the G4G Recipes page for an up-to-date index of all AFRS recipes. Contact the G4G Team ( with questions.

Published on: May 12, 2021

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