Implementing G4G

I’m interested in implementing G4G at my dining facility. Where should I start?

That’s great! G4G benefits both Service Members and dining facilities. Start by reviewing the Go for Green 2.0® Program Requirements. This comprehensive guide provides instructions on how to plan, implement, and maintain quality control of G4G 2.0 at your installation.

There are many resources on the G4G section of the HPRC website for your dining facility and installation to get G4G up and running. The Implementation web page is a great place for your G4G team to begin.

My leadership would like more information about Go for Green®. How do I brief them?

Leadership support is essential to making Go for Green® successful at your facility. There are many useful resources to help brief leadership:

Leaders are encouraged to take the “Executive Summary” G4G training. This 30-minute training provides essential information about G4G 2.0 and its implication for Service Members and your installation’s food environment. Visit the Training web page to learn about accessing training modules and other resources provided by the G4G Program Office.

We currently have Go for Green® in our dining facility. How do I implement G4G 2.0?

It’s great that you’ve been working with G4G already! There are many improvements in the rebranded version of G4G, such as two-part coding, food promotion, and a robust marketing plan. Start with reviewing the Go for Green 2.0® Program Requirements to learn more about planning, implementing, and maintaining G4G 2.0.

Next, attend the online G4G 2.0 training sessions at your convenience. Review the training descriptions to assess which team members should attend particular training sessions. Then follow the steps to request an account and get started learning more about G4G 2.0.

How long does it take to implement Go for Green®?

Read the entire Go for Green 2.0® Program Requirements for a better understanding of what’s involved. Full implementation will take about 6–12 months from planning stages to launch—depending on your facility’s size, staffing, support, and menu status. For a more detailed look at planning and implementation, review the sample timeline. Each Service has a plan and guidance for implementing G4G 2.0.

How do I find out more about my Service’s plan for implementing G4G 2.0?

Current guidance for implementing G4G 2.0 (updated May 2018):


Guidance: The Air Force hasn’t mandated a particular timeline for adoption of G4G 2.0. Air Force Services Agency (AFSVA), under Mr. Bill Spencer’s leadership, is currently establishing a plan to pilot test G4G 2.0 and scale up G4G 2.0 implementation across the Service-run dining facilities. Some assistance would also be available to the MTFs through this plan.

POCs: If your site is interested in G4G 2.0, please contact the following AF leadership prior to initiating activities:


Guidance: The Army is encouraging “early adopters” to begin planning and implementing G4G 2.0. A strategy for Army-wide implementation is being discussed.

LTC Bethany Deschamps (JBLM):
MAJ Michelle Stone (GPN):


Guidance: If engaged in significant activities and changes related to G4G, please contact Navy G4G leadership.

For ashore and afloat - Ms. Jennifer Person-Whippo (NAVSUP):
For MTFs: CDR Kelly Mokay (Navy medicine):

Where can I get more help implementing G4G at my DFAC or galley?

Check out the G4G section of the HPRC website for additional information and resources for implementing, supporting, and marketing G4G. You also can contact the G4G team with questions. Like and follow the G4G Facebook page to see how other facilities “Go for Green.”

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