What is a G4G 2.0 Ambassador?

G4G 2.0 Ambassadors are G4G maximizers who promote the program, support more nutritious menu options, and encourage eating for performance optimization. Outside the dining facility/galley, Ambassadors coordinate with their local G4G Team to promote the program beyond the facility walls.

Who should be an Ambassador?

Installation dietitians, health promotion or wellness educators, installation leadership, or anyone who is interested in and supportive of increasing the availability and access to more performance-boosting foods and drinks would make great Ambassadors. No special skills are required.

I support the G4G 2.0 program and want to do more. What training do I need to complete?

No specific training is required to become an Ambassador. However, you might want to take the online G4G 2.0 Program Requirements course to learn more about the program.