What is a G4G 2.0 Nutrition Lead?

The G4G 2.0 Nutrition Lead is a key team player who supports providing more nutritious foods and drinks through menu design, review, and collaboration. A Nutrition Lead might also code recipes or ready-to-use items for the dining facility or galley’s menu. Lastly, the Nutrition Lead is critical for coordinating education by providing performance nutrition education, offering G4G program information, and conducting or supporting staff training.

What skills or knowledge should the Nutrition Lead have?

The Nutrition Lead should be a Registered Dietitian, nutrition specialist (68M/4D), health promotion educator, or similar nutrition asset. Nutrition Leads should have specialized knowledge and skills in nutrition or health promotion.

What training should I take as the Nutrition Lead?

Nutrition Leads should take the G4G 2.0 Program Requirements training for a detailed overview of G4G 2.0. Nutrition Leads should also take the G4G 2.0 Coder training to become a certified Coder and assign nutritional quality (Green, Yellow, Red) and sodium codes (Low, Moderate, High) to foods and drinks. Also, we suggest Nutrition Leads take the G4G Staff Trainer course if they plan to help support or conduct training for dining facility/galley staff. You can complete these training courses online at your convenience.

I see the G4G 2.0 Coder training is available in JKO, but I’m not a Nutrition Lead. Should I take the training?

If you’re not a qualified nutrition professional who’s coding recipes or ready-to-use items, then you don’t need to take the G4G 2.0 Coder training. If you’re unsure of what your role or responsibilities are, ask your local Team Lead.