What is a G4G 2.0 Shift Supervisor?

The G4G 2.0 Shift Supervisor is a leader at the local dining facility/galley and among staff. Shift Supervisors play a central role in leading the team during shifts and managing G4G program issues to maintain high-quality service. Shift Supervisors also lead food and Food Card setup, ensuring Green-coded foods and drinks are easy to find and identify. Shift Supervisors are knowledgeable about the G4G 2.0 program and can provide guidance to other team members.

Does this position require any online training?

There are no specialized trainings you need to access online.

I’m a Shift Supervisor Lead. What training should I take?

Shift Supervisor Leads should attend in-person training that’s conducted by their Team Lead or Staff Trainer. There are additional training modules designed for Shift Supervisors to increase their knowledge of G4G 2.0 program roles and responsibilities as well.