What is a G4G 2.0 Team Lead?

Your G4G 2.0 Team Lead directs your local G4G team in planning, implementing, and sustaining G4G 2.0 and helps drive program success. This is usually a dining facility or galley manager who oversees the G4G 2.0 program, including collaborating and communicating with local G4G team members and leadership.

What training should I take as the Team Lead?

Team Leads should take the G4G 2.0 Program Requirements training for a detailed overview of G4G 2.0. Also, we suggest Team Leads take the G4G Staff Trainer course to help support and create a training plan for dining facility/galley staff.

Do I receive a certificate of completion for taking these training courses?

Yes, you’ll receive a certificate for each training course you complete. Keep a copy for your records. If your dining facility/galley conducts a Program Fidelity Assessment, you might be asked for your certificate to verify compliance with management training requirements.

How many personnel on the local G4G team should be trained as Team Leads?

At least one staff member should be trained as a Team Lead. Depending on the size and operation of your facility, it might be helpful for an assistant manager or other staff member to also take the training to assist with program implementation and quality control.