What is a G4G 2.0 Training Lead?

The G4G 2.0 Training Lead is a critical team member who plans and conducts training for dining facility/galley staff to support their role in G4G 2.0 program success. They use the standardized training modules to lead training sessions for local staff. They also assist in program compliance by tracking attendance, monitoring the number of trained staff, and managing certificates of completion.

What skills or knowledge should the Training Lead have?

The Training Lead should be knowledgeable about the G4G 2.0 program and skilled in leading training programs. They also should track training attendance and issue certificates.

What training should I take as the Training Lead?

Training Leads should first complete the G4G 2.0 Program Requirements course to learn about G4G 2.0. Next, Training Leads should participate in the Staff Trainer training module to learn how to conduct training for dining facility/galley staff.

How do I conduct training as a Staff Trainer?

Staff Trainers conduct training for dining facility and galley staff in person. Standardized training modules (slide decks) are available on JKO for download once you complete the G4G 2.0 Staff Trainer course.