Top 8 benefits of using the mNEAT app

mNEAT app imageThere are many advantages to using the new mNEAT web-based app to conduct an assessment, find resources, and share results.

  1. Saves time.
    • Frustrated with using the mNEAT spreadsheet? Your team can now answer questions about your installation or ship’s food environment online with instant results and reports. If you’re using a tablet or phone, you can also enter assessments while on-site.
  2. Increases accuracy.
    • Easy-to-fill online forms make recording responses and scoring results more accurate than the older spreadsheet format.
  3. Enhances action planning for local military nutrition environment interventions.
    • CoolerThe report feature shows areas to focus your team’s efforts and resources.
  4. Provides instant results and reports that you can download, share, and print.
    • The mNEAT results tab helps you run reports that you can save in PDF format. Use the reports for leadership briefs and action planning.
  5. Offers two ways to conduct assessments based on your team’s needs.
    • Prefer to assess local venues with pen and paper? We have you covered! You can download the in-person worksheets to fill out on-site and enter into the app at your convenience.
    • Prefer to assess venues on the computer? You can fill out the assessments online with a phone or tablet.
  6. Contributes to a knowledge database that can help identify trends across installations, branches, and the DoD.
    • When you enter data into the mNEAT app, it’s stored in a database with other key information about the military nutrition environment. This de-identified data is used to define the current DoD nutrition landscape, develop MNE interventions and best practices, and brief high-level leadership.Serving line
  7. Allows review of service-wide results.
    • High-level users can run reports with information from their service branches, enabling them to review and assess the current nutrition environment.
  8. Is centrally managed by the CHAMP mNEAT team.


FeedbackThe team provides technical support to mNEAT users. If you have questions about the app, assessments, reports, or anything else mNEAT-related, contact us at


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