Share your MNE success stories

When your team accomplishes something that positively impacts the health and well-being of Service Members and the military community, celebrate it! Whether it’s staging a commissary event to sample produce, hosting a farmers market, doing a cooking demo for tweens at the library, working with stakeholders to bring a new, healthier restaurant onto base, or building a community garden at the elementary school—it’s time to share your success!

Complete the Military Nutrition Activities & Events Template to outline the steps your team took from idea to execution, share details and photos of the event, program, or intervention, note any challenges you experienced, and identify best practices. Copy and paste the template into Word and be sure to save your information.

  • Document for internal team purposes or use the form as a template for when your team tackles future military nutrition environment (MNE) improvements.
  • Create your story to share with local leadership, health promotion or wellness committees or work groups, or other platforms.
  • Share your story with CHAMP, and it could be featured on the MNE web page or the HPRC Blog (with Public Affairs Office review and approval). The CHAMP mNEAT team will compile all submissions for the Military Nutrition Environment Work Group.

FeedbackYou can email the Word document to the CHAMP mNEAT team at or complete the online form to share your story with us.


Military Nutrition Activities & Events Template

Purpose: Outline your installation’s processes, challenges, and successes when implementing a nutrition event, program, or initiative that promotes healthy living and improved performance.

Directions: Copy and paste the text below into a Word document and add your information.


POC: Name, email, phone number, and role or position:

Brief summary of event, program, or initiative:

Photographs (attach or provide link):

Press/Media (links to articles, social media, etc.):

Who (audience):




Why (how this event, program, or initiative aligns with Service goals):

How (key steps or resources used):

What was the end result or outcome?

What were the challenges? How did your team overcome them?

What are some best practices you can share with others?


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