Road Trip Wellness

Whether for a vacation or PCS move, use these holistic wellness tips to fuel your next road trip and support optimal performance.

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Published on: October 28, 2021

Roadway signs display multiple wellness tips. Don’t let healthy habits fly out the window on your next road trip! Eat healthy by packing yogurt, cheese, fruit, nuts, hard-boiled eggs & veggie sticks. At your next pit stop, choose grilled, broiled, or baked entrées. Watch portion sizes or split meals. Move more by bringing balls, a frisbee, yoga mat, or hand weights. Choose hotels with gyms or pools, find local parks & trails, and book activity-oriented trips or stops. Keep food items chilled. Use a cooler with a tight-fitting lid, separate food from drinks, change ice packs often, and don’t leave your cooler in your vehicle. Stay mentally focused by playing trivia games, listening to audiobooks, and practicing belly breathing.

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