Need inspiration for developing your action plan?

When it comes to creating an action plan, think about the feasibility and impact of the military nutrition environment’s key focus areas. The infographic below shows areas of potential influence captured by the mNEAT assessment.

mNEAT strategy

Below are some strategies to help you get started on developing an action plan to improve the nutrition environment where your local military community lives, works, trains, and plays.

Food policy

Go for Green logoIs there a policy or guidance to promote, encourage, identify, or educate customers on more nutritious options?

  • Develop a policy for community spaces, such as the worksite, to supply and promote nutritious foods and drinks.
  • Work with leadership to create a healthy food “philosophy” to encourage the availability of more nutritious items at work-related meetings, events, fundraisers, and gatherings.
  • Refer to your Service’s nutrition, food, and health policies to see what support is available to enhance your installation’s MNE.

Food availability

Infused water stationAre more nutritious foods and drinks available?

Is there a variety of nutritious foods and drinks?

  • Offer more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Increase the amount of low-calorie/low-sugar beverages such as fruit-, vegetable-, or herb-infused water, sparkling water, or unsweetened coffees and teas.
  • Add a nutrient-dense, plant-based entrée to the menu.
  • Offer whole grains as alternatives to items made with refined (white) grains or flour.
  • Create a grab ‘n go section of tasty, nutritious options for customers on the go.
  • Increase the availability of high-performance food choices at food trucks, micro markets, kiosks, worksite snack bars, and other non-traditional venues.
Healthy dinner plate

Behavioral design

Are more nutritious foods and drinks easy to find?

Is nutrition information or messaging available at the venue?

  • Place healthier options at or above eye level in coolers and on shelves.MNE veggies first grill
  • Strategically place signage to promote nutritious offerings.
  • Highlight high-performance choices at the point-of-selection with menu boards, printed menus, signs, or labels.
  • Display nutritional information, facts, or labels so consumers can make informed choices.
  • Place healthier (“Green-coded” in the Go for Green® program) menu items first in line or front and center to encourage diners to choose those first.
  • Price “better for you” choices similarly to less healthy options, and, if feasible, offer discounts on those items.
  • Advertise a nutrient-dense meal or snack of the day on a prominently placed sign.

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