Foundational movements: Lunges

The lunge is a simple but important movement. Think of how often you take a knee to rest during workouts, on training hikes, or during patrols while on deployment. Every time you set your knee down and get up to start moving again—such as when you’re climbing stairs—you’re performing a lunge. In fact, lunges are exaggerations of each step you take throughout your day. It’s essential to engage your core, stabilize your hips and knees, and keep your body upright when you’re performing a lunge—whether you’re working out, taking a knee, or walking.

You can find out more about lunges—standing, walking, front-rack, back-rack, and overhead—in HPRC’s video series on foundational movements. Watch the videos below to learn about proper form and lunge techniques.






Published on: September 3, 2018

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