Foundational movements: Squats

Squats are important foundational movements because you do them so many times throughout your day—and you might not even realize it.

How many times do you sit down, get up from a chair or toilet, or bend down to pick something up off the ground? All those movements require squatting. Repeatedly squatting incorrectly over the course of days, weeks, months, or years can cause serious problems such as back or knee pain. Squats are also a component of other foundational movements such as deadlifts, so it’s important to perform them well and correctly.

You can find out more about squats—air, goblet, front, and back—in HPRC’s video series on foundational movements. Check out the videos below to learn about proper form and what to be conscious of when you’re practicing your squats. Tip: Make sure you’ve perfected your air-squat form before you try adding weight.





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