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Physical fitness is one of the primary domains of Total Force Fitness. As warrior athletes, Warfighters need to maintain optimal physical fitness in order to carry out mission requirements.

Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS)

The NOFFS program was designed by and for the Navy, but it contains physical fitness and training tools useful for all active-duty Military Service Members, family members, retirees, and civilians. Much of the information provided is to help Warfighters maintain optimal fitness for duty. Links enable you to find local programs and fitness professionals, but resources such as the Virtual Trainer and Movement Library enable you to work on your own too.

U.S. Navy pre-entry physical training plan [PDF]

This pre-basic training book provides good basic guidelines to physical fitness for Military Service Members and others. Topics include stretching, injury prevention, running (including a staged schedule), strengthening exercises (core, upper body, and lower body), and ergogenic aids. (The PRT standards in this book are out of date, but the fitness information is still very useful.)

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd Edition (2018)

This extensively researched guidance is intended to help Americans improve and maintain their overall physical fitness. These guidelines set the foundation for Warfighter readiness, as well as a fitness goal for family members. A PDF of the book is available for download, along with summary information and a Powerpoint presentation. The Guidelines are updated every few years as reliable new research is available.

ACE exercise library

The American Council on Exercise offers one of the best collections of exercise videos available. You can filter videos by body part, exercise level, or equipment, including dumbbells, barbells, bench, resistance equipment, medicine ball, machines, and more—or no equipment at all.

See also HPRC’s “Where do you serve?” section for your branch of service for additional policy and other branch-specific information. See our home page for links to each service branch.

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