Stay fit during the holidays

It’s holiday time, and maintaining your fitness can be a challenge with all the hustle and bustle of the season. Get your workout routine in the “holiday spirit,” and jump-start your New Year’s fitness resolutions with these tips:

  • Use HPRC’s home-exercise hacks to get a quick workout in—without leaving your home! And you can use common household items to make things even more challenging.
  • Need to get out of the house and away from the family frenzy? Make sure you’re prepared for exercise in colder temperatures.
  • Social support is an important tool for not only fitness, but also for the holidays. Find a good workout partner—whether it’s your dog, your friend, or a loved one. Who’s got your six?
  • Take Guard Your Health’s 12 DAYS OF FITMAS challenge! For 12 days, commit to doing one of their recommended exercises daily. Or if you’re feeling bold, turn this into a high-intensity interval workout: Do each exercise for 30–45 seconds, followed by a 10-second rest.

12 days of Fitmas On the first day, do flutter kicks. On the second day, do twists. On the third day, do toe touches. On the fourth day, do reverse crunches. On the fifth day, do skater jumps. On the sixth day, do renegade rows. On the seventh day, do close-hand push-ups. On the eighth day, do Bulgarian split squats. On the ninth day, do side lunges. On the tenth day, do shoulder touches. On the eleventh day, do glute bridges. On the twelfth day, do single-leg hip thrusts.