Spiritual Fitness Scale (SSFS) Video Guides

Watch this video series to find out about scoring, metrics, core attributes, and other relevant information associated with SSFS.

Spiritual Fitness Scale 7 × 7 Introduction

Learn how this video series can help you understand the scale’s design and how to use it.


SFS 7 × 7 – Session 1: Designing a Scale

How does a metrical scale differ from a questionnaire, and what difference do validity and reliability make when measuring traits? Find out in the video below.


SFS 7 × 7 – Session 2: Finding Core Attributes

Learn about the 3 core attributes found during factor analysis and the implications for chaplains and other spiritual-readiness and spiritual-fitness stakeholders.


SFS 7 × 7 – Session 3: Correlations & Introduction to Scoring

Find out how the 3 core attributes relate to wider wellness traits such as coping, gratitude, stress-related growth, resilience, family cohesion, and life meaning.


SFS 7 × 7 – Session 4: More Scoring Basics

How is the scale scored, and how do you determine higher and lower scores? How are scores bridged into individual coaching and consultation on spiritual growth? Learn more in the video below.


SFS 7 × 7 – Session 5: Group Scoring & Sequential Scoring

Learn creative strategies for administering the scale to groups and how to use group scoring to tell data-driven stories.


SFS 7 × 7 – Session 6: Scoring by Subscale & Introducing a Qualitative Tool

Learn about the tool to convert subscale scores into complex coaching sessions with Service Members.


SFS 7 × 7 – Session 7: Spiritual Readiness Program Planning

Find out how to use the scale to ground, inform, and measure evidence-based, spiritual-readiness programs and services.

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