Sticking to a new routine can be challenging. To avoid feeling overwhelmed as you’re building on the challenges in this workbook, review your goals and progress using the following questions:

  • Feeling stressed? Check out Challenge 5 to learn more about stress-management tools. Stress plays a major role in weight management. Getting it under control can help you reach your goals faster.
  • Feeling overwhelmed or frustrated? If you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for or you’re having trouble achieving your goals, review the SMART goals worksheet you filled out from Challenge 1. Are your goals still realistic? Do they still fit into your daily life? Feel free to adjust your goals along the way to fit into your life and make them more achievable.
  • Need extra support? There’s no need to go this alone. Find a battle buddy who has similar goals, or share your goals with loved ones; they can help keep you accountable. Social support plays an important part in helping you achieve your goals. Whether it’s sharing on social media or finding a group to work out with, find what works for you to stay on track.
  • Feeling bored? If you haven’t already, add another challenge to your routine! If you feel you’re doing all the right things, try modifying one of the challenges to fit your lifestyle. For example, add another day of exercise, schedule 30 minutes a day of mindful meditation, or just focus on keeping up with all these tasks on a long-term basis.

Weight loss and weight management are ongoing processes. There might be times when it seems like everything is going well, and other times when you need to refocus on a particular challenge, such as getting enough sleep or planning meals during a busy week. That’s okay! The important thing is to be mindful of where you are in the process and not let yourself slip back into old habits. Check back here as often as you need to assess your progress and how you’re feeling.

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