Who's got your six?

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Name someone. Tag hashtag Got My Six. Post online.

Service Member Jore Miquel posts on Facebook on July 26, 2017 at Gold’s Gym, “My wife at Jenny B makes sure there’s something healthy on my plate at every meal. Who knew green beans and wild rice could actually taste good? She’s hashtag Got My Six because she looks out for my health.” Facebook logo.

Service Member Sasha Pierce with Twitter handle at Navygurl94 tweets, “First Sergeant at Awesome LDR hashtag Got My Six because she taught me failure isn’t something to fear: It’s something to embrace.” Twitter logo. Option to follow user on Twitter.

Two athletes wearing workout clothes shake hands at gym. Service Member Serve underscore N underscore Patrick posted 2 days earlier on Instagram, “My battle, Carl Ruiz, shows up at the door when he knows I am going to bail on my workout. He keeps me motivated. Carl’s hashtag Got My Six.” The post has 55 likes. Instagram logo. Following on Instagram.

Published on: April 10, 2019

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