What other programs are available if I can’t afford groceries?

Do you ever worry about having enough money to buy food? Do you skip meals or rely on cheaper, less nutritious choices to make your food last?

Food insecurity can hurt performance, health, and mission readiness. There are many programs and resources available to help.

Many military families struggle with food insecurity, meaning they lack access to enough food for an active, healthy life for themselves and their families. It’s a complex problem. Military life has unique challenges, many of which come at a financial cost from frequent moves or spouse employment barriers. Although exact numbers aren’t known, about one in 4 Service Members and their families experience food insecurity.

When you can’t get the food and nutrients you need, your health, performance, and mission readiness can suffer. But there are programs and resources available to help.

Are you a military leader looking to help connect your community with resources to expand their food budget? Check out Military OneSource’s Military Leaders Economic Security Toolkit.

Federal programs for Service Members

Additional resources to expand your food budget

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