HOPE* and Well-being Daily Checklist

*Honesty | Optimism | Professionalism | Empathy


During these challenging times, we could all use gentle reminders about what kinds of things we should still be doing each day, and all that we’ve accomplished. “Optimizing performance” probably takes on a different meaning for many people these days. While this list certainly isn’t comprehensive, you can use the tasks on this checklist (or fill in your own) to support a healthy sense of well-being in the midst of adversity and disruption.

Essential tasks:

  •  Accountability check-in
  •  Medications
  •  ___________________

Be physically active for at least 30 minutes:

  •  Daily PT
  •  Walk outside
  •  ___________________

Be mindfully present to:

  •  A spiritual practice
  •  A sound or song
  •  A feeling or emotion
  •  ___________________

Virtually connect with someone outside your home:

  •  Battle buddy
  •  Family
  •  Friend
  •  ___________________

Food for thought:

  •  Prepare a healthy meal
  •  Try a new recipe
  •  ___________________

Write down one thing you’re grateful for:

  •  _______________________


A printable version of this infosheet is available here.

Link to Hope and Well-being Checklist

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