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Did you know that Go for Green® (G4G) can be a key part of your mNEAT action plan? The G4G 2.0 program increases the availability and access of high-performance foods and drinks in military dining facilities and beyond. G4G 2.0 educates and raises awareness of the performance impact of foods and drinks, allowing diners to quickly and easily choose nutrient-rich options. Working to plan, implement, or improve the quality of G4G 2.0 on your installation or ship also can help improve your military nutrition environment.

Power Your Performance with Good Nutrition. Go for Green logoService guidance regarding nutrition and menu standards for human performance optimization directs that appropriated fund food service operations use a color-coded nutrition labeling program, and the G4G 2.0 program meets those requirements. Also, the White House National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health outlines increasing access to a healthier food environment, including expanding G4G 2.0 in the DoD. In practice, this might mean a plan to implement G4G 2.0 (food policy), revise your facility’s menu to offer more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein options (food availability), and/or rearrange shelves or coolers to place Green-coded items at eye level (behavioral design).

In addition, you might be able to meet multiple priorities at once when you assess your local food environment (mNEAT) and improve dining facility and galley offerings and setups (G4G 2.0). A win-win for your team! mNEAT assessment questions in the dining facility or galley section align with the G4G 2.0 program requirements, including staff training, availability of nutrient-dense entrée and side options, educational signage, and prominent display of high-performance options.

Here are some G4G resources to get you started.

  • Implementation timeline. No matter where you’re starting, follow this phased approach to success.
  • Menus and recipes. The foundation of G4G 2.0 is more nutritious menus. Get inspired with these sample menus, standardized and pre-coded recipes, and specialty bar guidelines.
  • Staff training. A well-trained staff helps with program quality. Learn more about G4G 2.0 training modules and how to access them.

FeedbackIf you’re interested in learning more about G4G 2.0 or need help to get started, contact our team at G4Gteam@usuhs.edu.

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