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Red “stop” symbol: Eat rarely. This is a low-performance food: lowest in fiber; lowest in nutrients; most-processed foods; added sugar/artificial sweeteners; excess fat, trans fat, or fried foods.

Yellow “caution” symbol: Eat occasionally. This is a moderate-performance food: moderate in fiber; some healthy nutrients; foods with some processing; added sugar/artificial sweeteners; poor-quality fats.

Green checkmark: Eat often. This is a high-performance food: high in fiber; high in nutrients; whole foods; no added sugar/artificial sweeteners; includes healthy fats.

Eat Well. Perform Well. Go for Green® makes it easy for you to identify and choose foods that enhance performance. Green: High-performance fuel. Yellow: Moderate-performance fuel. Red: Low-performance fuel.

Go for Green® logo: Dinner plate with knife and fork and the words “Eat Well, Perform Well.”

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