3 Keys to Optimal Nutrition

Not meeting your fitness or weight goals? Underperforming at work, at home, or during training? Maybe it’s your eating plan.

There’s no “perfect” diet for optimal health and performance. No matter what your eating plan is, there are 3 keys to good nutrition to keep in mind: balance, quality, and timing.

Look at the graphic below to see if your eating plan includes balanced meals that contain high-quality foods and drinks at regular times. If not, try our performance-nutrition tips to ensure you’re getting the fuel you need to feel and perform your best.

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Published on: July 7, 2021

The 3 keys to optimal nutrition are balance, quality, and timing. To maintain balance, eat from all or most of the food groups. Eat the right amount for your activity and performance goals. And feel satisfied and energized from your eating plan. To maintain quality, focus on whole foods and eat fewer processed foods. Choose more plants—the more colors, the better. Aim for foods with naturally occurring nutrients too. For proper timing, follow a regular eating pattern. Also, avoid skipping meals or going too long without eating. And fuel before, during, and after exercise.

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