High-Performance Eating vs Low-Performance Eating

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High-Performance Eating vs Low-Performance Eating

Choosing the right fuel can make the difference between mission success and failure. One of the two approaches below is a much better way to fuel your talk. Focus on eating for performance to achieve optimal mission readiness.

Fully charged battery with 2800 calories vs nearly depleted battery with 2800 calories

Make your calories count. For the same number, the calories in a High-Performance diet meet your daily nutritional needs. The “empty” calories in a Low-Performance diet don’t.


High-performance breakfast: eggs, 2 large, scrambled; whole-wheat toast, 2 slices; butter, 1 Tbsp; milk, low-fat, 8 oz; banana, one medium; coffee; water, 12 oz.

Low-performance breakfast: energy drink, 8.3 oz.


High-performance snack: vanilla yogurt, low-fat, 8 oz; granola, ½ cup; water, 20 oz

Low-performance snack: doughnut, glazed


High-performance lunch: tuna in water, 6 oz. can, drained; mayonnaise, 1 Tbsp; whole-grain bread, 2 slices; apple, one medium; iced tea, unsweetened, 16 oz

Low-performance lunch: hamburger, ¼ lb meat with bun; fries, medium; chocolate-chip cookie, 1 medium; soda, 16 oz.


High-performance snack: peanut butter, 2 Tbsp; bagel, whole wheat, one 4”

Low-performance snack: chocolate wafer candy bar; energy drink, 8.3 oz.


High-performance during/post-exercise: water, 20 oz; chocolate milk, 8 oz.

Low-performance during/post-exercise: nothing


High-performance dinner: grilled chicken breast, 4 oz; broccoli, 1 cup; brown rice, 1½ cup; vanilla ice cream, regular, 1 cup; flavored seltzer, unsweetened, 12 oz.

Low-performance dinner: spaghetti with meat sauce, 1½ cup; broccoli with cheese, 1 cup; vanilla ice cream, regular, 1 cup; iced tea, sweetened, 12 oz.