How to Use G4G: For Service Members

What can Go for Green® do for me?

Good nutrition is essential to staying mission-ready. High-performance (Green-coded) foods and drinks can enhance your mental fitness, keep you alert, and boost your mood and brainpower. They also maximize your physical performance by helping you optimize speed and build endurance. In addition, eating nutrient-rich foods can help you recover faster from injuries, workouts, and stress.

What does Go for Green® look like?

G4G provides a quick-and-easy way to find performance-enhancing foods and drinks. Menu items and ready-to-use (pre-packaged) items are labeled with color codes and (except for beverages and fruit) sodium codes.

Color codes indicate nutrition quality:

  • Green (high-performance fuel)
  • Yellow (moderate-performance fuel)
  • Red (low-performance fuel)

Green check: Eat Often. This is a high-performance food; Yellow triangle: Eat Occasionally. This is a moderate-performance food; Red octagon: Eat Rarely. This is a low-performance food.

Sodium codes (Low, Moderate, High) indicate how much sodium (salt) is in a particular food.

Low sodium: Salt shaker with low level of salt; Moderate sodium: Salt shaker half full of salt; High sodium: Salt shaker full of salt.

Can I use other wellness plans with G4G?

Yes! In fact, G4G can make it easier to get the results you’re looking for. G4G can complement any fitness, performance-enhancing, wellness, or weight-loss program. Try to choose Green-coded foods and drinks because they’re highest in nutrients and the best choices for performance and health.

Should I avoid Red-coded foods and drinks?

Eating or drinking Red-coded menu items in small amounts or occasionally will not significantly affect your health or performance, so you don’t need to avoid them. However, G4G encourages Service Members to eat less Red-coded foods and more Green-coded ones when possible.

Is G4G only used in the dining facility on post?

You’ll only see items labeled with G4G color and sodium codes in dining facilities and galleys. However, you can use G4G principles in any food environment to enhance your health and performance.

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