9 ways nutrition experts can support G4G

If you’re a registered dietitian (RD), nutritionist, or health-promotion educator, there are many ways you can get involved with Go for Green® (G4G). Successful G4G 2.0 implementations often have close involvement and support from a nutrition asset who provides expertise, assists local dining-facility efforts, and enhances nutrition education and marketing. Choose ways that work for your schedule, assigned role and duties, and Service-specific, foodservice operations setup and guidance.

  • ✅Complete G4G 2.0 online training. RDs receive continuing professional education units for each class they attend.
    • Take the G4G 2.0 Program Requirements class and become a G4G subject-matter expert.
    • Enroll in the G4G 2.0 Coder class to be certified as a local on-site G4G 2.0 Coder.
    • Take the G4G 2.0 Staff Trainer class to lead or help with G4G 2.0 staff training.
  • ✅Join your local dining facility team as the G4G 2.0 Nutrition Lead.
  • ✅Support, review, or collaborate with a dining facility, galley, or other food venue’s menu improvements. Refer to Service-specific guidance on menu creation and approval.
  • ✅Assist with on-the-ground solutions for G4G implementation and sustainment challenges. Work with your local G4G team to plan implementation, help execute courses of action for improvement, support training and education efforts, and make other key changes.
  • ✅Conduct the G4G 2.0 Program Fidelity Assessment (pre-G4G implementation “baseline” and/or post-G4G implementation) to identify successes, barriers, and areas for improvement. Contact G4Gteam@usuhs.edu for more information.
  • ✅Write articles, press releases, social media posts, and emails that inform, educate, and promote G4G.
  • ✅Brief Military Service Members (outside of staff) on how to fuel with G4G 2.0.
  • ✅Highlight G4G 2.0 program information in individual appointments, classes, programs, and other clinical or health-promotion settings.
  • ✅Work with other installation or Service-led wellness, nutrition, fitness, and performance initiatives to show how G4G 2.0 complements the goals and priorities of these initiatives by encouraging Military Service Members to go for “Green” wherever they’re eating.

RDs and health-promotion assets provide knowledge, expertise, and support to local G4G 2.0 efforts. Your involvement also enables Military Service Members to hear consistent messaging about performance nutrition. G4G can help them translate knowledge into practical action at local dining facilities and galleys to support optimal nutritional fitness.

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