You know what you serve at your dining facility is important to fuel service members, but where you place the food is just as important. Many of the food-placement strategies suggested below are easy to use and inexpensive.

There are 2 G4G food-placement strategies:

  1. Place healthier Green-coded foods and drinks in prominent, easy to see, easy to reach places. Diners are more likely to choose foods and beverages placed at the beginning of a serving line, at eye level, and near the point of payment.
  2. Place the least healthy Red-coded foods and drinks in harder to find, out of the way places. Set a minimum of 3 food-placement strategies in place for each serving area (Hotline, Sandwich/Deli Bar, Short Order/Grill, Salad Bar, Dessert Bar, Beverage Bar, and other specialty bars) daily.

Try these best practices in your facility to make the healthy choice, the easy choice:

  • Place Green-coded items first on the Hotline, Short Order/Grill, and Deli/Sandwich Bar.
  • Display Green-coded, premade sandwiches and salads at eye level.
  • Increase the number of healthy toppings at the Salad Bar, Short Order/Grill, and Sandwich/Deli Bar.
  • Include vegetables and other Green-coded sides at the Hotline and Short Order/Grill stations.
  • Display water and unsweetened tea prominently at the Beverage Bar.
  • Place Red-coded dressings and condiments in smaller containers with smaller utensils.
  • Store Red-coded items on shelves below eye level or in less-prominent spaces in coolers.