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General FAQs

Go for Green® (G4G) is a DoD performance-nutrition program that can be found at local dining facilities or galleys. G4G makes it easy for Military Service Members to find high-performance foods and drinks to boost fitness, strength, and health by labeling foods and drinks Green, Yellow, and Red. G4G helps diners make smart choices that fuel their bodies and minds, optimize energy, and help them perform at their best.

Dining facility/galley staff are essential to planning, implementing, and sustaining G4G 2.0. They’re the G4G 2.0 CHAMPions who come together to provide Green-coded foods and beverages—or high-performance fuel—for members of the military community.

G4G 2.0 training is required in order to implement and use G4G 2.0 materials and resources. The G4G 2.0 Program Requirements outline the training requirements (see Program Requirements #1 and #8) for managers and staff. Depending on your role, training might be conducted online or in person.

Contact us if you are a G4G Team Lead or G4G Staff Trainer and unable to lead in-person training for your staff.

Your G4G CHAMPion role determines which courses you should take. If you are a G4G Team Lead, Nutrition Lead, or Training Lead, complete the online training on JKO. All other G4G CHAMPions should connect with their G4G Team Lead to attend in-person training.

Training and certification are centrally controlled by the G4G Program Office. Only local G4G Team CHAMPions need to complete online training classes. If you’re a local G4G Team Lead, access the training from the training classes page.

As you finish each online training module, you’ll receive a certificate. Keep a copy for your records. Your supervisor might ask for a copy as well. For all dining facility/galley staff, your G4G Staff Trainer should provide you with a certificate of completion after your in-person training.