Gratitude: Make it a Daily Practice

Expressing gratitude is a universal experience found in all cultures. It makes you want to share the good things you've received, acting like a social glue that strengthens relationships and improves your mental well-being. There are many scientific benefits to regularly practicing gratitude but when you express gratitude you can be a force multiplier!

When you express gratitude, it literally encourages others to be better people!

The people you express gratitude to are more likely to not only help you in return, but they’re also more likely to help others. Gratitude creates a positive cycle of kindness. Gratitude makes people more generous and trusting, and it encourages volunteering and civic activities such as voting. It motivates people to work together for the welfare of others.

When you express gratitude to someone you care about, it makes that person feel loved, supported, and committed to the relationship and overcoming challenges together. It also can be the words of encouragement they need to hear to overcome a struggle. 

Use HPRC’s Gratitude Postcard to let others know how much you appreciate them! 

Spread gratitude every day by using the prompts below.   Monday Get excited for the week! What are 3 things you’re excited for this week?  Tuesday Don’t take life for granted. What do you want to make sure you do NOT take for granted today?  Wednesday Share the love. What made you laugh, smile, or feel loved today? How will you make others laugh, smile, or feel loved?  Thursday Express your gratitude. Who haven’t you properly thanked for helping you? Send them a short message to show your gratitude.  Friday Hunt the good stuff. What are 5 things that happened this week that you’re grateful for?  Saturday Appreciate the moment. What should you notice, savor, and appreciate right now?  Sunday Pay it forward. What’s an experience, lesson, gift, or talent that helps you feel blessed? How can you pay it forward?

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