Food Card and Beverage Card Basics [PDF]

Food Cards, recommended for all foods and recipes, have two different codes—a G4G color code for nutritional quality (Green, Yellow, or Red) and a sodium code (Low, Moderate, or High). Beverage Cards are assigned color codes only. (Beverages are not coded for sodium).

The Food and Beverage Cards have two parts:

  1. Color card: professionally printed, laminated color card.
  2. White sticky label: label (containing the food or beverage name) placed on the color card.


  1. Standard Food Card, Small (business card size) – best for to-go food items and smaller spaces in dining facility.
  2. Standard Food Card, Large (index card size) – preferred display in available spaces, especially on the main serving lines (hot entrée, grill, and sandwich bar).

Published on: May 17, 2017

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