LGBTQ resources for military wellness

Service Members who are members of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) communities certainly serve with pride. Over 6% of military personnel identify as LGBTQ. But with a storied history and recent policy changes, LGBTQ Service Members experience unique stressors that can impact mental and physical health and unit readiness. This page offers a list of resources to help LGBTQ Service Members feel supported and improve military wellness.

DoD Instruction 1300.28 [PDF]

The Department of Defense’s policy is to treat all Service Members professionally and with dignity and respect. Read the 2021 DoDI for transgender-specific Service Member guidelines.

LGBTQ resources by branch

U.S. Air Force LGBTQ initiative team

In 2021, the U.S. Air Force assembled an LGBTQ-initiative team. The volunteer group works to identify and address issues that hinder the success of LGBTQ Airmen and Guardians—especially issues that relate to diversity and inclusion.

U.S. Army policy on transgender military service

In response to DoDI 1300.28, the U.S. Army published service-specific guidance for soldiers. The U.S. Army addresses past, current, and continued efforts relating to diversity and inclusion.

U.S. Coast Guard policy on transgender military service

In response to DoDI 1300.28, the U.S. Coast Guard published service-specific guidelines for Coast Guardsmen. The U.S. Coast Guard outlines specific policy changes and includes additional resources for Coast Guardsmen.

U.S. Coast Guard Spectrum group

In 2023, the U.S. Coast Guard assembled an LGBTQ affinity group called Spectrum. The volunteer group is working to support LGBTQ Service Members and foster inclusive working environments. This includes creating reference guides for leaders and tips for allies.

U.S. Navy LGBT resources

The U.S. Navy compiled a list of LGBTQ resources for sailors. The list includes both U.S. Navy-specific and DoD-wide resources. The list also includes historical information about LGBTQ military policies.

LGBTQ resources for veterans

VA’s LGBTQ patient care services

One of VA’s taglines, “We serve all who served,” highlights the inclusion of LGBTQ veterans in VA’s patient care services. LGBTQ veterans have unique health risks, and patient education is important. VA’s LGBTQ patient care services includes brochures and other education resources for LGBTQ veterans.

VA’s resources for LGBQ veterans

VA serves LGBQ veterans and has specific, non-discrimination policies for LGBQ veterans who seek care. VA explains unique healthcare considerations and health disparities for LGBQ veterans.

VA’s resources for transgender veterans

VA also serves transgender veterans and aims to create a welcoming environment for transgender veterans who seek care. VA explains the unique health concerns of transgender veterans and provides educational materials about health concerns and health disparities.

VA’s mental health resources for LGBTQ veterans

VA emphasizes mental health resources for LGBTQ veterans. VA explains anti-discrimination policies for LGBTQ veterans and how to access mental healthcare benefits.

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