COVID-19 HOPE: Resources for Service Members and their families

As a Service Member, you’re trained to face unexpected crisis situations, swiftly adapt to new information and environments, and put the well-being of others above your own. The Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP) provides resources to Service Members and their families in pursuit of those ends.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to remind you that the Human Performance Resources by CHAMP team is here to support you and share information you and your loved ones might find useful to help you cope. Whether you’ve been called up, you’re getting ready to deploy, or you’re just struggling to manage this unfamiliar landscape, we’ve got HOPE* to share with you.

*Honesty | Optimism | Professionalism | Empathy

Total Force Fitness during COVID-19: Social – Virtually connect with others. Embrace quality family time. Optimize family resilience. Physical – Stay active at home. Get creative with fitness. Spiritual – Live your values. Overcome challenges. Be grateful. Nutritional – Feed your body. Fuel your mind. Boost immunity. Psychological – Practice mindfulness. Manage tough emotions. Embrace gratitude. Manage stress.

Visit HPRC's "HOPE for Those on the COVID-19 Frontline" section for resources useful to everyone, especially our Service Members coping with the current situation, and use HPRC’s Daily Checklist to keep make sure you’re staying fit in all areas of TFF.

A printable PDF of this page is available here.

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